One artist's journey: Trying to live a creative life with grace, grit, gratitude...and a border collie.
(or perhaps I should say: greys, grit and gratitude)

17 December 2013

Good Morning Moon

Good morning, moon. 
Last night I couldn't sleep...that magnificent moon was making magic out the windows. From my bed I saw the resident mulie herd cavorting in my yard...just a few yards from my window. I watched them play and tried to point them out to Newt but he wanted to sleep, lol. 

Later (well "earlier", actually), I wandered about the house in the dark looking with awe out the windows at the brilliant moonstruck landscape. Finally drawn out onto the deck around 2 a.m., I stood there amazed. The brutal wind that has pummeled the house for days was gone and the temperature was a wonderous 41F. So much light! The aspens in the yard threw delicate shadows across the snow and I could even see the little game trail that follows the creek through the woods by my deck. The soft gurgling of that creek was the only sound. The hills were lit in every direction. Above, the "smallest" full moon of the year hung among a field of stars. 

Mesmerizing...I tried to take a picture but the camera saw only the black of night so I was left to try and etch this night into memory, a gift for my eyes (and soul) only.